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Journey to the East is a comic turn on the original 16th century chinese novel, ่ฅฟ้Š่จ˜ (Journey to the West).

In the Son Wukong era, monkeys despotically rule the world. Everything that is good, left by the humans who came before them, is lost.
A young priestess, though, is seen as a demon because of her kindness. It is Tricky, a lazy monkey, who is chosen by the monks as the hero who will purge all that is good from the demon.

The game features a rhythm, turn-based combat system: in the Son Wukong era, fights take place on theatre stages. Choose your characters' skills wisely and perform them by following the correct rhythm.

  • Play a cool rhythm, turn-based combat system on a theatre stage
  • Explore a fascinating hand-drawn world, inspired by the ancient Chinese art
  • Have fun with cool & crazy humor cutscenes
  • ... and embrace the monkey way!

Fabiola "@Ennacrima" - art & humor

Piero "@ProGM" Dotti - scripting & game design

Andrea "@endriu" Fumagalli - game design & writing

Marco "@GuardianOfIrael" Buzzi - event programming & game design


This game was an entry to the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017.

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Published 17 days ago
AuthorElf Games Works
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Anime, Comedy, Fantasy, igmc2017, Music, Rhythm, RPGMaker
Average sessionAbout an hour


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